Automated trading platform driven by
Artificial intelligence

Bitzez! The ultimate Crypto Trading tool that uses Artificial intelligence to collect and analyze data on coins, exchanges and trading trends. Bitzez collects data from historical sources and Real Time sources and merges it so that you practical see the possibility of you making profits or losses when you invest your money at that particular time.


ROI Calculator

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Bitzez ROI Calculator allows you to compare 99 Top cryto currencies and invest in the best one!

Price Calculator

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Buy low and sell high. Bitzez allows you to compare data from top exchanges. Now you can select the exchange where you can buy at low and sell at high!

Trade Automation

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There are numerous trading tools that you will be able to utilize to ensure that you increase your profits and trade efficiently to maximize your profits.

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Bitzez collects, connects and analyze market data to bring concise conclusions as to whether it is time for you to trade or not.


Bitzez contains numerous trading tools and indicators that will help you to test coins and test strategies before you invest.

Data Driven

Investing without data analytics will make your investment vulnerable to losses. Bitzez provides you visual analysis of crypto market.

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We designed to be simple to all seasoned traders and newbies because we understand every trader has one aim, To make profits!